Holly Marlin


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Embrace yourself and all that you are.
Life is hard and we tend to look at others and wish we had what they have or looked how they look. When in reality so many people probably look at you and wish they had your smile, your eyes, size, heck your boobs, butt. Society has put this image in our heads of the “perfect body” that is bologna. Skinny girls want the “curves” thicker girls want a flat tummy.. we all see beauty in different ways. Truth is each one of us are beautiful in our own way. Of course, I look at other girls and compare myself, but what does that help? Putting myself down, because I see the beauty in someone else. Recently, I have been feeling more confident in myself and I’m loving this feeling. Please read my Blog ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’

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 I will be fully open about what my feelings are, because I know I am not the only one who feels so intensely about the things I do. I would love others to feel safe to talk about their feelings as well and to feel loved.

I’ve tried reading positive quotes or telling myself something positive every day to start to alter my mindset and to a certain extent it has helped. Then some days I have a breakdown and all the negative comes rushing back in.

The real me

I figured my first blog post should be about everyone getting to know me and knowing my intentions on starting this blog. I am determined…

Life is going to knock you down over and over again. We need to learn that we are strong enough to get through whatever it is. 

I would like to meet more wonderful souls, I finally feel like I may start be willing to open up to people again. Thank you for reading, if anybody ever needs to talk or vent I’m here for you.

I am determined to make people realize they are not alone in this crazy world. We all have negative thoughts in our own mind that we deal with, some more than others

I signed my contract of 5 years to the US Navy when I was 17 so excited for this new chapter in my life, to go on new adventures, meet new faces. I was always known as the girl who was always laughing or always had a smile on her face, but little did I know that would soon change.