Jesalyn Lerion


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Jesalyn is a beautiful engaging Pilipino model holding a university degree ‘CUM LAUDE’ Jesalyn has natural beauty with striking features with a lovely voice for speaking parts.

As a model she looks stunning in any type of clothing, she is tall at 64.5 inches 5.6 feet (5.10 in heels) she is interested in TV Ads, Bikini shoots, Lingerie shoots, Swimsuits, Calendar shoots and so much more.

Her Hobbies include  Travelling, Singing, Dancing, Acting, Painting, Playing Lawn Tennis, Reading Books, Listening to Music, Researching a Lot, and so much more.

Jesalyn has great potential as a model that will boost your audience and take your brand to an exciting new level, she is available for photoshoots and collaboration worldwide.

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“I love playing chess and find the challenge exciting but stimulating at the same time. ”

Jasalyn xx

“I am very interested in making movies whether in theatre or stage production and wish to take my gifted skill to the next level.”

Jasalyn xx

“University enhanced my writing skills and I used this gift to expand my outlook on life with all its trials and tribulations, using these tools in my college life I am very lucky to this  talent and the opportunity to explore them with deep emotion.”

Jasalyn xx

“As a talented actress, I am very skilled at kissing scenes I can instantly create an intense passion in any role. I am very open-minded and can adapt to any acting situation either movie or stage. ”

Jasalyn xx

“Don’t take life too seriously, but it is still important to enjoy your life to the full – to be happy every day. and remember tomorrow is a new day and you can do anything you want to do.”

Jasalyn xx