Sarah Model London

Hi, I am Sarah. Thanks for checking by! From when I was younger until recent years. The thoughts of being a model would have just never been entertained by me, we all have dreams that’s for sure, and there is nothing wrong with dreaming, but becoming a model? Me! What!! No way! I had limited self-confidence in myself and didn’t think I had what it takes to be a fashion model, let alone be involved in a modeling photoshoot.

Like everyone in life your childhood plays a very important part in how you turn out to be in your adult life. The foundations that will carve out who you will become and your mental attitude toward life and how you feel in the present day. I was brought up in a strict family with a lot of emotional abuse. This emotional abuse destroyed my self-confidence and affected me as a child damaging that lovely blank canvas of innocence. I eventually developed an eating disorder and body dysmorphia.

Because of the emotional abuse I suffered, I went through my life disliking my body I felt so unattractive, with such low self-esteem eventually making me depressed and so sad that I didn’t look like the celebrities in the magazines and on TV. Is that how you are supposed to look to be a successful model? NO!

Today, I am the happiest and most grounded person you could ever wish to meet I have come a long way since then to boost my self-confidence, I started by loving myself and because of this, I have a different approach to the persona I resonate. I have changed my mental attitude as a person I have done a lot of work on my mindset. I realized that it does not matter that I don’t look like the airbrushed models and celebrities in the magazines.

I look like ME. That is the only person who I want to look like because. There is only 1 of me and 1 of everyone unless you are an identical twin lol.

So, I embraced my body, and my curves including my bubbly, chatty, and hyper personality. Although I have ADHD and Autism. This doesn’t stop me from achieving my goals, my ambitions, and my desire to become a model. I am a confident plus-size woman regardless of cellulite, scars, imperfections, and how I look at myself.

I am unique and that is my superpower. That is what I want to show everyone who thinks they are good enough because they don’t have a filter, aren’t airbrushed, or because they aren’t a size 6. Everyone has the right to feel comfortable in their skin It does not matter who you are or how you look you are beautiful in the eyes of the beholder. Do not think for a minute it’s not worth trying to be a model, my advice! Be you. Practice self-love and realize that you are special.

My modeling career has now kicked off big time and the future looks bright, I just can’t believe how much my life has changed for the better. I have had a boatload of inquiries since I started to push myself out there. I really looking forward to 2023. Don’t hold back! Go get it, girl!